Bishop Dr. Josephat Gwajima is the founder and Arch Bishop of Glory of Christ Tanzania Church (GCTC). He was born in small village of Mwanza, Tanzania in 1970. He holds a PhD from Omega Global University, South Africa where he was awarded Doctor of Philosophy in Theology (PhD) on 7 March, 2015. He graduated with a Masters in Christian Missions, June 21st 2006- February 22rd 2008 from Japan Bible Institute, Japan. He did his early education at Kabale Primary School in 1985. Following an accident he got a serious spinal-cord injury at the age of 15 years. He became paralyzed and was confined to bed with no hope for about six years; even doctors had declared his non-recovery state. Bishop Dr. Gwajima was miraculously healed after Jesus Christ appeared to him in a dream, raised up from his deadly bed, gave his life to Jesus Christ and was called to save Jesus Christ from that day. He then immediately after that miraculous recovery began secondary school in 1990 and graduated at Buswelu Secondary School  in 1993. Bishop Dr. Gwajima graduated with honors from East African Pastoral theological school at Nairobi Kenya in 1994 with Advanced Diploma in Bible and Theology. After his graduation he immediately began serving God, where he planted a church in Mwanza, Musoma and Mugumu in Tanzania and handled them to his assistant pastors. He planted another church in Dar es Salaam which is growing into the biggest congregation in the country. Bishop Dr. Gwajima is now overseer of more than 400 churches in Tanzania and abroad. He has authored more than 40 books!


Bishop Dr. Josephat Gwajima is an International anointed preacher. He has preached in many African countries, the United States of America, more than 10 countries in Europe including the United Kingdom, Germany and Swiss, in Asian continent he massively preached in Japan, Korea,China and many others.

He is used by God to destroy works of darkness that destroy people’s lives, and set them free from the bondages of the devil and his demons. He teaches the word of God which is the greatest weapon to set people free from all kinds of oppression. Through the power of the name of Jesus Christ, Bishop Dr. Gwajima has been used by God to bring many who have been  afflicted by forces of darkness to complete freedom including raising the dead in the basis of the scripture in Mathew 10:8.

He is a pastor with great vision of bringing thousands of thousands to true repentance and faith in Jesus Christ. He is devoted to teach the word of God without hesitation and compromise. Bishop Dr. Gwajima is bold servant of God ready to stand for the truth of Jesus Christ gospel the word of God and preach this truth boldly to all people regardless of their differences in race, education status, political position or financial status.

Bishop Dr. Gwajima among few devoted servants of God who has deliberately decided to train a great number of wonderful church leaders and servants, earnestly teaching them to serve God faithfully with all heart and capability aiming at bringing many of those thousands and thousands of lost souls to a true repentance to JESUS CHRIST (Based on the scriptures in Mark 16:15 -18). He has trained of seven thousands church leaders who are operational in serving God only at his main Church, Ubungo, Tanzania.