Bishop Dr. Josephat Gwajima is the founder and Arch Bishop of Glory of Christ Tanzania Church (GCTC). He was born in small village of Mwanza, Tanzania in 1970. He holds a PhD from Omega Global University, South Africa where he was awarded Doctor of Philosophy in Theology (PhD) on 7 March, 2015. He graduated with a Masters in Christian Missions, June 21st 2006- February 22rd 2008 from Japan Bible Institute, Japan. He did his early education at Kabale Primary School in 1985. Following an accident he got a serious spinal-cord injury at the age of 15 years. He became paralyzed and was confined to bed with no hope for about six years; even doctors had declared his non-recovery state. Bishop Dr. Gwajima was miraculously healed after Jesus Christ appeared to him in a dream, raised up from his deadly bed, gave his life to Jesus Christ and was called to save Jesus Christ from that day. He then immediately after that miraculous recovery began secondary school in 1990 and graduated at Buswelu Secondary School  in 1993. Bishop Dr. Gwajima graduated with honors from East African Pastoral theological school at Nairobi Kenya in 1994 with Advanced Diploma in Bible and Theology. After his graduation he immediately began serving God, where he… read more